Diplomas and Certificates

HABC accredited delivered by LimeSkills CIC


We are able to offer Health and Social Care Diplomas at levels 2,3, and 4.

Please note that these are not a part of an Apprenticeships so learners do not need to complete a Maths or English component.

We work in a way to ensure you and your staff receive the most appropriate, cost effective, quality training. To do this we start with a telephone call to assess your needs. It is painless and we really are quite friendly!

Candidates are then invited to attend our Diploma Induction session where we explain the process and ensure they understand the responsibilities and requirements before we start.

If everyone is happy after this we arrange for the assessment process to begin.

The Diplomas are funded through the Workforce Development Fund. We make every effort to ensure we only charge what you will be able to claim back.

To start the ball rolling please leave your details on our “Contact us” page by clicking the link below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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To find out more about Diplomas and Certificates please contact us, by clicking here, or phone 01473 407330