Nutrition and Healthier Choices

LimeSkills half day course, relating to Care Standard 8

Why is this training important?

“Malnutrition was listed on more than 350 death certificates in England and Wales in 2016. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show malnutrition was the underlying cause or a contributory factor in 351 deaths in NHS hospitals in England and Wales.”

Under and overnutrition is becoming a major problem in the UK. This course looks at the importance of food choices, and fluid intake, in a Care environment

Who needs this training?

Any staff member or volunteer who supports others in the choice and ingestion of food. Those taking the Care Certificate Standard 8.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of basic nutrition
  • Changes to aid healthier choices
  • Importance of fluid intake
  • Barriers to good nutrition and fluid intake
  • Special dietary requirements
How long is the course?
This is a half day course staring at 9.30 and finishing at 1.30
Are there any entry requirements?
No, just an interest in learning.
How is the course assessed?
There is no formal assessment just participation in the discussions and activities during the session. A certificate of attendance will be awarded at the end.
Do I need to bring anything?
We supply tea, coffee and biscuits, but please feel free to bring any other refreshments you may need
What is the cost?

The cost is £50 per person. Group discounts are available for 6 or more people.

It is difficult to change habits but one of the most important areas we can look at is our intake of fruit and vegetables.

Follow the link to learn more  NHS guidance on 5 a day

Our Nutrition and Healthier Choices workshops are held regularly throughout the year.

If you would like to book a place, or a whole course, please contact us, by clicking here, or phone 01473 407330