Food Safety



The Food Safety Law requires all food handlers to be trained according to their food handling work activities. At LimeSkills CIC we can tailor a course to meet your specific business needs, whether that be accredited or bespoke.

If you have a group of 8 or more people we can offer you a discounted rate! Contact us for further details.

Food poisoning is a constant concern and if employers do not offer their staff the necessary training it can result in loss of earning and potential closure of your business. Food poisoning can happen in any restaurant, even Michelin Star rated restaurants. Heston Blumenthal had to close his award winning restaurant ‘The Fat Duck’ due to diners becoming ill (source: The Daily Telegraph, 27th February 2009)

All prices exclude VAT.

Food Safety . Career helping

 Accredited Courses

HABC L1 Food Safety Awareness (1/2 day course) – £50 + VAT per delegate.

HABC L2 Food Safety in Catering (1 day course)– £60 + VAT per delegate.

HABC L2 Healthier Food and Special Diets (1 day course)– £85 + VAT per delegate.

HABC L3 Award in Food Allergen Management for Caterers (1 day course) £120 + VAT per delegate.

HABC L2 Award for Personal License Holders (1 day course) – £120 + VAT per delegate

Unaccredited Courses- These courses will assist employers in meeting the basic legal requirements for staff training. 


Allergies, Intolerances & Special Diets (1/2 day course) – £50 + VAT per delegate

Maintaining Good Nutrition (1/2 day course) – £55 + VAT per delegate

Effective Fluids and Nutrition (1/2 day course)- £50+ VAT per delegate

Introduction to Nutrition and Supporting Healthier Choices (1/2 day course)- £50+VAT per delegate