The Introduction to Allergens and Special Diets


The Introduction to Allergens


and Special Diets


Why is this training important?

Allergy UK estimates that 45 per cent of people in the UK have food sensitivities, yet few food outlets train their staff in providing a service for them. By attending this course staff will be able to develop the knowledge and confidence to meet the needs of customers with special dietary requirement.


Who needs this training/qualification?

Any staff working in the catering and hospitality environment would find this course beneficial. Depending on the job roles of the attendees the course can be tailored to their level of involvement



No formal assessment but on completion of a knowledge review, certificates of awareness will be awarded.


Learning Outcomes/course content

  • The effect and controls of allergies and intolerances

  • Effective communication with customers

  • Special diets and their requirements

Course Delivery

This half day workshop comprises of a 3 hour session delivered by presentation, discussion and group activities. It is adjusted depending on the experience and involvement of the attendees to ensure it is engaging and relevant for all.


Cost: £50 + VAT